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La Fuente Philosophy

La Fuente is a collaborative clinic that brings together a host of industry-leading experts, medical professionals and clinicians all under one roof. Founded by a team with a rich history in the aesthetics industry, La Fuente aims to provide the Midlands with a perfect blend of holistic health, medical dermatology, aesthetics and beauty treatments. 

About Us

Our differences are what make us beautiful. At La Fuente, we believe everyone should feel empowered from within and we aim to support our clients along their journey back to confidence.

Our name, La Fuente, is an integral part of this ethos. Meaning ‘the source’ or ‘the fountain’ in Spanish, this feeds into our philosophy of helping those who visit us to become happier, younger-looking and more fulfilled versions of themselves. Everyone deserves the unrivalled pleasure of feeling at peace with how they look – our bodies do so much for us, so it’s time we gave something back.

Originally, our clinic was designed to be an all-encompassing, health, aesthetics and beauty facility in Puerto de la Sotogrande – a prestigious and exclusive port situated between Marbella and Gibraltar in southern Spain. However, due to Covid-19, sandy beaches were swapped for the scenic countryside of Southam – which is marvellous news for Warwickshire. With the addition of La Fuente, those local to Southam will no longer have to make their way to London or Birmingham to access the full suite of five-star treatments we have available from talented and highly skilled aesthetic practitioners. We’re all about bringing the Harley Street standard to the Midlands, and it’s by teaming up with industry luminaries that we aim to make this happen.

Aesthetic Clinic Warwickshire
Aesthetic Clinic Warwickshire

Our experts have over 25 years of combined experience and are ready to offer a range of services such as laser treatment, advanced facials, semi-permanent make-up procedures and more. We’re also well-versed in treating skin conditions such as, but not limited to, acne, melasma and rosacea. La Fuente is here to not only provide our clients with first-class, world-leading aesthetics treatments but with the utmost care and respect. It is our mission to become the most talked about clinic in Warwickshire – and we’d like to begin by helping you to make your aesthetics goals a reality.

Our Team

  • Rochelle Sudbury

    Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

  • Claire Clea

    Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

  • Narinder Bold

    Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

  • Hannah Pharo


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