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Spider Veins

What It Is

Thread veins, sometimes referred to as spider veins, regularly appear on the thighs and lower legs, and are common in adults throughout the UK and across the world. Spider veins take their name from their appearance – they tend to look like small web-like patterns that run throughout the skin and are usually red or blue in colour. They don’t normally have any impact on health or wellbeing, however, some people are known to experience occasional throbbing or aching as a result of spider veins – especially after long periods of sitting or standing.

Why It Happens

Spider veins are caused by a build-up of pressure within the veins that leads to the accumulation of a backlog of blood. This eventually forces the veins to swell and enlarge, resulting in spider veins. They usually appear as we age but can also be triggered by obesity, trauma and variations in hormone levels. It has recently been found that jobs that involve long periods of standing can cause spider veins to develop. Between 30-60% of adults suffer from this condition, and many seek treatment for purely aesthetic reasons. These veins can be difficult to hide with traditional beauty products and can also cause issues with confidence. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to treat spider veins.

How it can be treated

Before undergoing more serious treatments, our professionals would usually recommend that you try wearing compression stockings and keeping the affected area elevated. However, if these veins are still causing you complications and making you uncomfortable, then there are several different treatment options.

Spider veins can be treated using innovative laser technology that can destroy specific blood cells by heating them intensively. This treatment is extremely effective and normally carried out under local anaesthetic. It causes no damage or trauma to the surrounding areas and permanently eliminates the veins in question.

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