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FREE ONDA Courses – Save £1000s With Your La Familia Membership!

At La Fuente, we’re excited to be coming to you with our biggest and best offer yet! We’re offering a FREE course of ONDA treatments, worth up to a MASSIVE £4320! Offers like this are simply unheard of, but this limited-time offer is only available for our exclusive VIP members.

Already A Member?

Fantastic news! If you’re already a member of La Familia here at La Fuente Clinic, you already qualify for this incredible promotion. You’ve probably worked it out already, but this amazing offer is worth more than your complete annual membership! You might have been wondering how best to use your members-only discounts or your next course of laser treatments, but this new promotion will help to whittle your options down.

If you’ve had your eye on body sculpting, fat reduction, cellulite reduction, or skin tightening, you’ll be glad to know that ONDA can be used to address all of these concerns so that you can focus your other discounts and freebies elsewhere. With that said, our offer applies to just one type of treatment and one area of the body only.

Join La Familia

If you’re not yet a member of La Familia, you can sign up throughout October to gain access to this ONDA promotion, on top of all of the other perks that come with a La Fuente membership! Depending on your needs and your budget, we offer 3 membership tiers:

Essential – £29 per month
1 beauty treatment every month
10% discount on any other treatments

Luxury – £99 per month
6 beauty treatments across the year
Either 3 anti-wrinkle treatments every 3 months OR 2 dermal filler treatments every 6 months
1 full laser course per year
15% discount on any other treatments

Elite – £229 per month
12 beauty treatments across the year
Either 3 anti-wrinkle treatments every 3 months AND 2 dermal filler treatments every 6 months
2 full laser courses per year
20% discount on any other treatments

Family means everything to us and we’d be thrilled to welcome you as part of ours here at La Fuente Clinic. Remember, you only have until the end of the month to sign up for a new membership if you want to gain access to our ONDA promotion.

What Is ONDA?

ONDA Coolwaves™ is a groundbreaking body sculpting device from Lynton whereby our experts use a controlled microwave delivery to achieve a 3-in-1 effect. With ONDA, expect long-lasting skin tightening and fat and cellulite reduction without the need for downtime post-treatment. ONDA was even named the “Number 1 Treatment for A Dimple Free Derriere” in Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2020.

However, this treatment isn’t completely suitable for all patients, specifically, those under the age of 16 and those with the following conditions are unlikely to qualify for treatment:
Heart problems
Metal implants or pacemakers
Severe clotting disorders
Current or recent cancer
Severe vascular disease
Skin disease in the treatment area
Uncontrollable diabetes

Find out more here.

Don’t Miss Out!

We don’t want any of our wonderful members to miss out on this deal, so please get in touch to book your free consultation as soon as possible. Even if you feel as though you may be unsuitable for ONDA treatments, we’d be happy to discuss alternative options so that you don’t miss out! Simply give us a call on 01926 893091 today.

Don’t forget, depending on the treatment area and your specific concerns, courses of 6 ONDA treatments are worth up to £4320! Those kinds of savings simply can’t be missed!

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