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How We Achieve The Best Skin Leamington Spa Has Ever Seen

You might have noticed a certain radiance here in the West Midlands over the past couple of years. Ever since La Fuente Clinic launched in April 2021, there’s no denying that the skin Leamington Spa locals were used to is now a thing of the past. Gone are the days of dull, dry and uneven complexions! We continuously enhance our treatment options and as our clinic evolved, so did the results we were seeing with our clients.

If you’re struggling with your skin, put your faith in our highly trained and experienced team! Explore some of your options below…

Advanced Facials

When you hear the word ‘facial’, you probably think of a traditional treatment involving an exfoliating solution or some kind of face mask. Facials have come a long way and this progress is demonstrated in the quality of the results our aesthetic practitioners can achieve. Our leading systems and technologies can do far more for you than your standard at-home pampering sessions!

Take SkinPen® Precision – the world’s first FDA-cleared skin remodelling treatment. The safety and efficacy of this novel device are unmatched, making it a must for our clinic. There’s no doubt that this is a treatment for skin Leamington Spa needs as it has been proven to minimise acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and can be used alongside other facials and peels to optimise your results. How does it work? Find out here.

If inflammatory skin conditions are causing you the most trouble, we might recommend the Oxygen Rx Facial by Circadia. This advanced facial harnesses the topical use of oxygen to reduce acne-causing bacteria as well as redness and inflammation for clearer, healthier skin with a more even tone. Some oxygen-based facials aren’t considered completely safe but the Oxygen Rx Facial doesn’t involve the use of damaging hydrogen peroxide or gas wands.


We’d be lying if we said that the radiant skin Leamington Spa is now used to has nothing to do with injectables. Quite the opposite, in fact, as Profhilo® and Sunekos are two of our most popular treatments, offering unrivalled skin rejuvenation from the inside out.

Profhilo® is an award-winning bioremodelling treatment with a gel-like formula consisting of one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market, offering superior hydration and antiageing benefits. Sunekos’ formula combines the power of hyaluronic acid with amino acids for the effective restoration of collagen and elastin levels, improving the appearance of skin tone and texture for a more youthful complexion.

Both of these La Fuente favourites are gentle and won’t set your schedule back with downtime and recovery periods, which is why they’re popular among those who are new to aesthetics.

Further Recommendations

EXCELIGHT® IPL from Lynton – the UK’s leading aesthetic laser and IPL manufacturer – is often considered the most effective IPL (intense pulsed light) device on the market by dermatologists and for good reason! It has helped us to achieve the best skin Leamington Spa has ever seen time and time again! It offers highly effective treatment for sun damage, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, red veins and premature ageing. The versatility of this superior device lies within its ability to deliver more than one wavelength of light to the skin at varying depths, depending on your needs.

Certain treatment technologies can sometimes prove ineffective or unsafe for certain skin types. TheraClear™ is non-invasive, suitable for all skin types and minimises blemishes without the need for laser or light technologies. This is a skin cleansing and acne treatment system that involves the use of vacuum technology to unclog pores and revitalise the skin. Whether you suffer from acne, pigmentation, dull or dry skin, congestion is often a big contributing factor to these unsightly concerns. You’ll leave La Fuente with healthy, glowing skin!

Let’s Talk About Skin Leamington Spa

Are you ready to enjoy the flawless skin Leamington Spa loves? It’s time to book a consultation here at La Fuente Clinic. Our experts take the time to understand your needs before formulating a bespoke treatment plan that guarantees the best possible results for you.

Call 01926 893091 or book online and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and offers. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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