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NEW To La Fuente Clinic: Laser Tattoo Removal

A new treatment option is coming to La Fuente Clinic! We’re adding laser tattoo removal to our list of life-enhancing procedures. From old and faded body art to radiotherapy tattoos, this brand-new treatment restores both your skin and your confidence.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

The basic principles of laser tattoo removal are simple. Light is the secret to getting rid of unwanted tattoos, whether that’s through the most up-to-date laser technology or years of exposure to UV light, which we definitely wouldn’t recommend!

Laser tattoo removal uses this energy to pass through the top layer of the skin and to break the ink down into tiny particles. Different machines use various types of lasers but Studio uses a Q-Switched laser, which sends pulses of light out at regular intervals to deliver energy homogeneously. After this procedure, the body uses its natural elimination process to expel the ink, causing old tattoos to fade with ease.

Laser tattoo removal requires multiple sessions, spaced out over several weeks. The number of sessions you’ll need depends on the size, colour and age of your tattoo but after a complete course, most have completely vanished, leaving behind nothing but clear, healthy skin.

Introducing Studio!

Our laser tattoo removal will take place using Studio, the innovative, powerful and compact new machine from Lynton. This device offers exceptional peak power, which is able to treat tattoos of multiple different colours, including red, navy, orange, brown and purple. Even the most vibrant pieces can be treated with this state-of-the-art solution, which has gone the extra mile with its new square-spot technology.

Most laser tattoo removal uses a circular profile, which has to overlap with other beams in order to address the entire area. However, Studio has the unique advantage of a square profile, which can cover an entire section without any overlapping. This lowers the chance of side effects and downtime, letting you settle down for your treatment feeling safe, happy and confident.

Radiotherapy Tattoo Removal At La Fuente

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, we often think of spontaneous bad ideas or names of exes but this isn’t always the case.

For instance, the fight against cancer often includes radiotherapy, a procedure that uses radiation to kill cancerous cells. Before beginning treatment, a radiographer may draw 1-5 permanent marks on the skin, highlighting the area(s) that need to be targeted. These tattoos are done to ensure maximum effectiveness but their presence can remind patients of an incredibly difficult time that they’d prefer not to think about.

We’re joining Lynton’s Radiotherapy Tattoo Initiative and offering free laser tattoo removal for those who want to eradicate these marks. At La Fuente Clinic, we want to help people to feel happier in their own skin in any way we possibly can.

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