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All You Need to Know about Laser Hair Removal

For many people, the removal of unwanted hair is an important step in keeping their bodies looking their best. There are several ways to rid yourself of unwanted body hair, and one of the most effective is laser hair removal. If you’re interested in finding out more about laser hair removal in a Leamington Spa clinic, read on. We’ll outline what the procedure entails and its benefits over other hair removal methods you can get at an aesthetics clinic in Leamington Spa.

The hair removal industry is growing globally year on year. Increasing numbers of people are choosing laser treatment as their preferred option because the results last far longer than traditional methods such as waxing, shaving, or plucking. The treatment is also less painful, much quicker to carry out, and easier to maintain than those other methods.

Can a laser remove hair permanently?

Hair grows naturally all over the body, so there should be no shame attached to that. However, for cosmetic reasons, many people prefer to reduce or remove it altogether in certain areas, which is also an entirely valid choice. The main areas of the body where hair removal is sought include the legs, arms, groin area, underarms, and face.

The problem with many traditional hair removal solutions is that the results are not permanent – in some cases, the effects aren’t even long-lasting, so keeping on top of unwanted hair growth to keep certain parts of the body smooth and aesthetically pleasing can be labour-intensive and unpleasant.

And this is one of the key reasons why laser hair removal has fast become one of the hot topics in the cosmetic industry. Results vary, but on average, after laser hair removal, patients see on average a 10-25% reduction in hair after just a single session. And when hairs do grow back, they tend to be lighter and thinner than they previously were.

How does it work?

Laser hair removal uses the light that’s emitted from a device which is then absorbed by the melanin in the hair on our skin. The light energy is converted to heat which breaks down the follicles in the skin that produce hair, thus delaying or inhibiting its regrowth.

It’s worth stating that experts say if you’ve had laser surgery, you shouldn’t expose skin in that area to direct sunlight because the treatment tends to make it more susceptible to heat. It therefore makes sense to time the procedure for the winter months, say, when there’s less chance of sun exposure.

Two types of laser devices

how much is laser hair removal in Leamington Spa

There are two main different grades of lasers available for hair removal. The first are laser devices that can be used at home, and the second is more powerful salon-grade machines that should only be used by trained professionals.

The main difference between the two is that the salon-grade machines emit higher levels of heat which give longer-lasting results in the treated area. For your safety, only skilled and experienced clinicians should operate these lasers.

Off-the-shelf devices are weaker in terms of their laser output which makes them safer for home use. They can also be used more often, though the results vary depending on the device you’ve bought, and hair may start to regrow in as little as a week.

Laser Hair Removal Safety

Whether you choose to try laser hair removal at home or put yourself in the hands of professionals, the main thing to check is that the device being used has FDA or CE approval. This ensures the equipment has been tested and found safe to work on people.

If you’re booking a treatment for laser hair removal in Leamington Spa or elsewhere, ask about any certifications the practitioner has. Some professionals will be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), may be voluntarily registered with your local authority, or with a national government approved scheme such as Save Face. As a minimum, you should ask the practitioner about the training they’ve had on how to handle laser devices.

Many people’s first question is, will laser hair removal hurt? It’s certainly not as painful as having a tattoo – the sensation of the heat from the laser is more like a sharp but bearable pinch.

However, how effective the treatment is will vary between individuals. Your skin type, your hairs’ thickness, and hair colour can all play a part.

Each of these factors affects the level of absorption and the required energy to break down the hair follicles. For example, darker skin tones tend to have more melanin content, so the energy needed to reach the follicles is greater. If you have lighter skin tones, there’s less melanin content, so higher energy is also required to reach that.

Laser hair removal devices for home use will only ever work on a limited range of skin tones. For safety reasons, they have built-in sensors that will prevent too much energy being emitted to avoid burning the skin. People with darker skin and extremely fair skin may find home laser hair removal is not particularly effective, therefore.

Professional Treatment

If you want long-lasting, safe, and high-quality results, then making an appointment with certified professionals is the right choice.

At La Fuente clinic, we use a particular type of superior pain-free laser hair removal, Motus AY. Using the Alexandrite “Moveo” technology, this device is capable of offering highly effective results on any skin type, even the more difficult-to-treat very fine and very light hair.

It offers twice the energy transfer of other devices used by most salons, meaning with the Motus AY, you will need fewer sessions, and will see results faster than ever before.

The Motus AY can also be used to treat benign pigmented lesions, spider veins, and vascular lesions. It works by delivering laser energy at a very high repetition rate. The tip has a 20ml contact-cooled sapphire tip to accommodate the high heat generated by the device.

This unique tip is kept continuously in contact with the area being treated, which dramatically reduces the amount of energy that is reflected by the skin. With less energy reflected, less energy is needed to achieve the target temperature needed to target the follicles.

Even though the device emits higher heat and energy, the cooling tip means there’s minimal to no pain in comparison to traditional laser hair removal methods.

The Motus AY uses an Alexandrite laser with a wavelength of 755nm, which is recognised as being the most effective wavelength for hair removal, including hair of the finest and lightest types. Traditional laser hair removal equipment can treat skin types 1-3, whereas the Motus AY can treat skin types from 1-6, making it the first of its kind and the best on the market today.

Get Professional Laser Hair Removal Today

Booking a laser hair removal session with an aesthetics clinic in Leamington Spa can feel a little intimidating. You may feel concerned about the procedure and a degree of embarrassment about baring all to your specialist.

But at La Fuente Aesthetics Clinic Leamington Spa, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable from the moment you enter our clinic. We warmly welcome anyone who wants to take steps to increase their self-confidence, and we’ll ensure you receive the right advice about aftercare too.

Our services don’t just cover hair removal, though. We also offer facials, anti-wrinkle injections, semi-permanent make-up and more. Our goal is to empower our clients, increasing their self-esteem so they leave our clinic looking and feeling at their very best.

Enquire about any of our services today by contacting us directly. Learn more about us by visiting our homepage at lafuenteclinic.co.uk.

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