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How Does Radio Frequency Enhance Microneedling?

If you stay up to date with skincare practices or follow celebrity culture, chances are you will have heard of Microneedling by now. This treatment is the latest aesthetic procedure to offer anti-ageing benefits, pore reduction and improvement to the appearance of scars.

Microneedling alone leaves behind smoother, tighter skin, but the addition of radio frequency (RF) enhances these results even further. We offer RF Microneedling at our Warwickshire clinic, with our non-surgical skin tightening device, the Focus Dual®.

How Does The Focus Dual® Work?

During Microneedling procedures, tiny sterile needles penetrate the skin’s dermis layer. This triggers a natural healing response. New tissue, rich in collagen and elastin, is formed, plumping up the skin and smoothing out fine lines.

The Focus Dual® simultaneously delivers radio frequency to the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. This energy converts to heat which causes the skin to tighten, further stimulating the production of collagen. As collagen production continues post-treatment, results improve over a number of weeks.

The Focus Dual® And Scar Tissue

Scars develop when the deeper layers of skin are damaged. As our body focuses on healing a wound, new collagen fibres are formed, however, the quality and structure of these fibres is different to those found in healthy skin.

RF Microneedling with the Focus Dual® is effective in treating the appearance of scars. The tiny injuries caused by Microneedling help to break down old scar tissue, whilst bolstering our supplies of collagen and elastin. Melanin production is also facilitated which results in a more even skin tone.
The Focus Dual® introduces radio frequency to the Microneedling treatment, adding even more anti-ageing benefits. The device uses vacuum technology to ensure that the energy is delivered to precisely the correct depth of skin. When combined with radio frequency, the results of Microneedling are more dramatic and long-lasting than when it is performed alone.

What Other Benefits Does The Focus Dual® Offer?

Minimises Pores

The Focus Dual® stimulates collagen in two ways. Firstly by provoking the body’s natural healing response and secondly with the introduction of radio frequency. As collagen production increases, skin is tightened, reducing the appearance of larger pores.

Virtually Pain-Free

A slight tingling sensation may be experienced, however, this treatment is not considered to be painful. The Focus Dual® uses ultra-fine needles and unique vacuum suction technology. This means that delivery is incredibly precise, ensuring treatments are as comfortable as possible for patients. The heat produced by radio frequency also helps to minimise skin irritation.

Treats The Whole Body

The Focus Dual® is able to tighten skin across the entire face and body, with treatments tailored to your individual needs. Common areas treated by the Focus Dual® include the stomach, arms, double chin, jawline, eyebrow and forehead.

Long-Lasting Results

Most clients start to see results 2-3 weeks after their first treatment session. The increase in collagen and elastin leads to better results over time, with the full effects of the procedure seen around 12 weeks after the final treatment. Results typically last for up to two years.
In terms of scar treatment, once your Focus Dual® course is complete, you will not need any further treatment. Maintenance sessions should only be required where further damage to the skin takes place, for example, if stretch marks return.

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