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The skin is the body’s largest organ and, as such, can play host to a number of common (and not-so-common) hangups and concerns. Yet whilst some of these can be upsetting, there’s a good chance that they’ll pose little threat to our physical health.

At La Fuente, we offer a comprehensive Medical Dermatology service to help you determine whether any existing or emerging skin characteristics are symptomatic of a recognised medical condition, such psoriasis or rosacea, a sign of something more sinister like skin cancer or a natural change in the colour or condition of the skin that’s really nothing to worry about at all.

This service is recommended for all patients who may be troubled by a sudden shift in the appearance of a mole or lesion or feel that something just isn’t right. By conducting a thorough assessment of your skin, our expert professionals can identify any areas of concern and advise you on what to do next in order to make sure that these issues are dealt with promptly and appropriately.

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