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Hair loss is a natural process that will affect all of us to varying degrees at some point in our lives. It is something that can make you feel extremely self-conscious and have a debilitating effect on your mental health. As a result, Scalp Micropigmentation is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments amongst male and female patients who are looking to add a new lease of life to their hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a treatment that is similar to Microblading, as both look to create the illusion of having fuller hair. It is a permanent, non-invasive and non-surgical solution that will have your hair looking just like it did in your younger years. Scalp Micropigmentation works by adding tiny dots of different tones of black to your scalp in order to replicate the look of a dense head of hair. This results in a natural-looking appearance that blends in with your complexion and the rest of your facial features.

This treatment is useful for anyone who is experiencing hair loss, including those who suffer from specific conditions such as alopecia, baldness or cancer – so forget about expensive creams, medications and transplants and book a consultation at La Fuente to learn about the results you could achieve from Scalp Micropigmentation treatment!

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