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There are numerous ways to get a tan these days – and although nothing beats lounging in the sun for hours on end, not all of us have the time to afford this luxury. If you want to take things into your own hands and get a bronze glow all year round, then tanning treatment is probably what you have been waiting for. Our Spray Tans are a form of sunless tanning that can help deepen the tone of your skin, and unlike artificial sunbeds, there is no need for UV light, so you can get a healthy tan without having to expose yourself to harmful radiation. Spray Tanning is completely safe, quick and efficient, and we guarantee that you’ll leave us with a beautiful sun-kissed look!

Spray Tanning works by applying something called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, to your skin using a special machine. DHA is the ingredient that gives you that golden-brown glow that we all love so much and this is achieved by how it interacts with the proteins and acids in your skin. The perks of this form of treatment are that it is completely customisable and safe – you also won’t leave the clinic looking orange and streaky!

So if you are fed up of your pale winter skin, or want to maintain that summer glow for a little bit longer, then book your first Spray Tanning session with La Fuente. You’ll love the results so much that we’re confident that you’ll be back for more.

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