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HD Brows

The Treatment 

Your eyebrows can shape the rest of your face to such an extent that your look can rise and fall on the strength of your brow game, something which many people have begun to focus on as they bid to keep up with the latest beauty trends. As such, booking an appointment with one of our HD Brows specialists can help you hit all of your biggest brow goals and come away with a style and a shade that shows you off in your best light.  

As a brand dedicated to providing bespoke eyebrow treatments to those dissatisfied with their existing brows, the HD Brows philosophy of seeing everyone as an individual is certainly something that resonates with us at La Fuente. That’s why all our beauty technicians are fully trained in how to perform many popular HD Brows treatments, from their signature, self-titled procedure to BrowSculpt, an alternative and highly effective take on brow lamination. 

How Does It Work?

Our HD Brows are built around who you are as a person, and will always take into account your skin tone, face shape and individual style to create your perfect look. After you have decided on the best course of action with one of our specialists, we will guide you through every stage of the HD Brows process, from tinting and waxing to threading and tweezing. 

As no two pairs of eyebrows are ever the same, what is covered within these steps varies from patient to patient but all will be carried in the pursuit of a few common goals. This means that the tinting element of your procedure will focus on helping you to achieve a uniform colour, with the waxing process working your eyebrows into their most desirable shape. Threading will be used to remove any lingering hairs and a seamless finish will be assured thanks to some last-minute tweezing. 

Those interested in BrowSculpt will benefit from a brow lamination procedure designed to correct misshapen brows. Here, a unique chemical solution is applied to the eyebrow hairs, allowing them to be carefully repositioned and leaving you with a more stylish and better-defined look. 

Am I Suitable For HD Brows Treatment?

Years of brow maintenance can result in eyebrows that appear overplucked, uneven and in vital need of some attention. HD Brows treatments are therefore the ideal solution for those who find themselves in this position and will remove the need to keep up with such an exhausting beauty regime. Our specialists can deliver a number of treatments to bring unruly, bushy brows under control and to ensure that you’re ready to take on the world, whatever your style. 

Treatment can only be pursued if your skin reacts positively to a patch test and you will be required to undergo one of these prior to any HD Brows procedure you book in for at La Fuente. If your skin proves to be sensitive to the tints used in a particular treatment, then this may not be an option for you. 

How Do I Book An Appointment?

To book an appointment you can call La Fuente on 01926 954331 or use the form on this page to book an appointment.

£10.00 deposit

Cancellation Fees

  • More than 48 hours – Full refund
  • Less 48 hours notice – A loss of 50% of the deposit
  • Less than 24 hours notice – A loss of 100% of the deposit

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Does it hurt?

Aside from any normal discomfort you may experience from waxing and threading, your treatment should be relatively painless. There have been instances of injuries occurring as a result of tinting dye coming into contact with the eyes but, as all of our staff are highly trained, the chances of this happening are minimal.

Are there any side effects?

There are no major side effects associated with HD Brows treatments and any post-procedure tenderness should disappear fairly quickly.

How long do the results last?

The results of both signature HD Brows treatment and BrowSculpt tend to last anywhere between 4-6 weeks. This can be improved upon over time and our specialists will normally recommend that you book in for regular treatments to maintain your desired look.

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