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Juvederm® For
Smoker’s Lines

The Treatment

When it comes to beauty, this is something that is very much in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has different tastes and what some people find desirable others may think average at best. In spite of this, what goes into creating an attractive look is still widely debated, with many people arguing that regardless of your idea of beauty, it is important to aim for the perfect combination of symmetry and balance.

Smoker’s lines, or lip lines, are facial wrinkles that usually form on the upper lip and extend vertically to create an aged appearance. The development of these lines is inevitable due to the amount of movement this region of the face experiences on a daily basis. It’s highly likely that when you look in the mirror, this will be the first ageing concern that you see.

As a result, smoker’s lines are one of the most widely treated facial concerns, and here at La Fuente, we choose to use Juvederm® to help patients alleviate the visible appearance of these lines with great effectiveness.

How Does It Work?

Juvederm® is a cutting-edge cosmetic product and a type of Dermal Filler that is extremely effective at restoring volume to certain regions of your face. It can also be useful for reducing the visible signs of ageing.

As a treatment, this filler can reintroduce volume to your face via its active ingredient, hyaluronic acid – a natural substance that is found in your skin. This acid stimulates the production of tissue to give your skin a more voluminous look. When we age, our body’s production of this acid gradually comes to an end, so think of it as a booster shot that can help you combat sagging and ageing skin!

Am I Suitable For Treatment?

If you have lines around your lips that you are unhappy with, or you are aware that they are beginning to form, then you are likely to be a good candidate for treatment. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we ask all our patients to undergo an initial consultation first. This session allows our trained professionals to examine your medical history and assess your suitability for treatment – this consultation is also useful as it gives you a platform to ask any questions you may have.

Unfortunately, you will not be suitable for treatment if you have certain allergies, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Another treatment that might be of interest is Nasolabial Folds. 

How Do I Book An Appointment?

To book an appointment you can call La Fuente on 01926 954331 or use the form on this page to book an appointment.

£30.00 Consultations (Will then be deducted from treatment cost if deemed suitable for treatment), if you choose not to have the treatment, unfortunately we cannot refund your consultation cost.

£50.00 deposit for Injectable Treatments

Cancellation Fees

  • More than 48 hours – Full refund
  • Less 48 hours notice – A loss of 50% of the deposit
  • Less than 24 hours notice – A loss of 100% of the deposit

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Does it hurt?

Juvederm® Dermal Fillers usually contain a small amount of lidocaine, a form of anaesthetic. This will help minimise any pain or discomfort that you may experience during treatment.

When will results become visible?

Some patients report that they can see a visible difference straight away. However, we usually recommend that our patients wait for at least 2 weeks to see optimal results.

How many treatments are required?

Most patients usually only need one treatment which will need to be topped up on a regular basis - this is approximately every 6 months. It’s common for most of our patients to have one or two Juvederm® injections per treatment area, however, this is dependent on various factors such as the severity of your issue, your age and the results you wish to achieve.

Is there any downtime?

In almost all cases no downtime is required, so you will be able to resume your daily routine or return to work immediately.

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