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Powder Brows

The Treatment 

As you may know, your eyebrows play a huge role in shaping the rest of your face, which is why so many of us spend countless hours ensuring our brow game is on point every single day. If you are fed up with wasting your precious time in the morning doing your brows, then our Powder Brows treatment is just what you are looking for. 

Powder Brows are a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that can create a soft, powdered look that can subtly enhance your eyebrows. It is a great option for those who already have full brows, but just want that extra bit of definition to really WOW people. Better yet, the long mornings and hassle of doing your brows everyday will be a distant memory! 

If you are interested in this treatment, then reach out to us today! One of our brow specialists will happily join you for a consultation to discuss your brows in more detail, ensuring you always come away with a style and look that you love. 

How Does It Work?

Powder Brows provides results that are similar to that of Microblading, another extremely common form of cosmetic procedure. However, the technique used is different, and as such, so is the final outcome. 

During your Powder Brows treatment, pigment will be inserted into the surface layer of your skin using a ‘dotting’ technique. This is achieved by using a specialist digital machine that can gently layer soft segments of colour onto your brows, creating the perfect shape and providing you with an understated, luscious look. 

Your specialist medical practitioner will start by mapping out your brows to ensure they are as symmetrical as possible. From here, the brows are refined and sculpted into shape and a shade of colour is chosen (usually to compliment skin and hair tone). Once all of the above has been finalised, the brows will be filled using our innovative digital machine. 

Am I Suitable For Treatment?

As is the case with many semi-permanent cosmetic procedures, most people will qualify as good candidates for Powder Brows. Even those who have more complicated skin types, like those with oily skin, can still benefit from this treatment! However, if you are pregnant, have diabetes or have recently had Botulinum toxin injections or fillers, it is possible you may be unable to join us for treatment.

Patient safety is our number one priority at La Fuente, as such, we ask that everyone joins us for a consultation prior to ANY TREATMENT. During your consultation, we will examine your medical history to dictate if you are suitable for your chosen procedure, as well as answer any questions you may have.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

To book an appointment you can call La Fuente on 01926 954331 or use the form on this page to book an appointment.

£10.00 deposit

Cancellation Fees

  • More than 48 hours – Full refund
  • Less 48 hours notice – A loss of 50% of the deposit
  • Less than 24 hours notice – A loss of 100% of the deposit

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Does it hurt?

It is impossible to say how much this treatment hurts as it is something that varies from person to person. Typically, we find that if you are used to regularly plucking or waxing your eyebrows, it is likely that you will find this treatment fairly pain-free. However, if you are not familiar with plucking or waxing your eyebrows, you may experience increased levels of discomfort.

If you are worried about the pain, a member of our team will be happy to offer you a form of topical anesthetic.

Are there any side effects?

This treatment is usually received very well and major side effects are rare. Most commonly, your freshly powdered eyebrows may appear to look swollen or dark at first, also, in some cases your eyebrows may be itchy for the first few days after treatment.

In other cases, there is also a chance of scabbing, irritation, infection and allergies, however, the very reason we ask you to join us for an initial consultation is to prevent, or minimise the likelihood of these occurring.

How long do the results last?

The results can last up to 3 years, however, this depends on your skin type and how much attention you give to your aftercare routine.

We recommend that most patients join us for a follow up treatment 8 weeks after the first appointment - this allows us to examine your progress, adjust your aftercare routine if needed and in some cases, schedule a follow up appointment.

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