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What It Is

We all know that the key to a healthy smile is good dental hygiene, however, even if you look after your teeth impeccably you may find that you still need a helping hand along the way.

We all have a vice, whether it’s a bit too much tea and coffee, a love of red wine or a cigarette here and there. Yet, regardless of what your guilty pleasure is, there are numerous things that can contribute towards your teeth losing their natural whiteness, and unfortunately, even if you consume none of the things above, your teeth will still undergo natural changes as you age.

Getting your teeth whitened is more than just a cosmetic procedure, it is a way to empower yourself, achieve peace of mind and grow in confidence. At La Fuente, we want the work we do to complement your smile, not change it completely, which is why all our Teeth Whitening treatments aim to lighten the colour of your teeth to a natural shade, not something that looks artificial. All our patients are extremely satisfied with the service they receive, leaving our doors smiling happily with teeth that are shades lighter than when they arrived.

The Treatment

Prior to your treatment one of our trained medical professionals at La Fuente will carry out a dental examination to guarantee that our Teeth Whitening treatment is right for you and that no unforeseen complications will arise.

After your consultation has been carried out, a custom mould will be taken of your teeth to ensure that the tray you will use for Teeth Whitening will fit comfortably in your mouth. Once you have received your bespoke mould your treatment can truly begin! Simply add the bleaching solution to your custom tray and wear it for a few hours a day or overnight. After only a few days you should be able to smile more confidently as you notice that your teeth have started to shine.

Am I Suitable For Treatment?

As mentioned above, before you can have your teeth whitened you must first undergo a thorough dental examination to determine if our Teeth Whitening treatment is suitable for you. Normally, anyone with a healthy mouth and gums will be eligible for treatment, although there are unique circumstances which might mean that this should be avoided.

Due to regulations, we are unable to provide Teeth Whitening services to anyone under the age of 18. Furthermore, if you have sensitive teeth, gum disease or any other dental problems you may be unsuitable for treatment until these have been resolved. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then treatment is not advised.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

To book an appointment you can call La Fuente on 01926 954331 or use the form on this page to book an appointment.

£10.00 deposit

Cancellation Fees

  • More than 48 hours – Full refund
  • Less 48 hours notice – A loss of 50% of the deposit
  • Less than 24 hours notice – A loss of 100% of the deposit

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Does it hurt?

Most patients do not experience any discomfort during their Teeth Whitening treatment at La Fuente. Your teeth may become more sensitive during, and after, treatment, which can be resolved by using a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.

When will I feel the results?

Most patients can see that their teeth are shades lighter after the first few days of treatment. To ensure that your results last for as long as possible you should maintain good dental hygiene and use a whitening toothpaste. If possible, you should also avoid things that can stain your teeth.

How many treatments are required?

You will only need one treatment as such (not including your prior consultation) which is the visit to the clinic to have the mould created of your teeth. Once you have your mould, you will apply the bleaching solution yourself and wear it in your own time as advised. A final check-up is usually recommended to ensure treatment is going to plan.

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