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Migraine and Tension Headaches

What It Is

Migraine and tension headaches are extremely common and can cause uncomfortable throbbing pains throughout your head. Migraines tend to have a pounding quality which is often worsened by physical exertion.

There are several types of migraine and some people have them several times a week – others will have these several times a year, maybe even less. Tension headaches tend to be more chronic and steady and are often characterised by a constant ache. These headaches usually cause the muscles of your neck, scalp or jaw to tighten which results in the painful sensations that you will experience.

Why It Happens

There isn’t an exact reason or cause to explain why headaches happen, however they are commonly associated with temporary changes to the chemicals, blood vessels and nerves in the brain.

Migraine headaches are thought to be genetic as a high proportion of those who suffer from migraines are aware of a relative with the condition. Some people might find that starting their period, consuming certain food and drink or experiencing stress and tiredness will incite a migraine attack.

Tension-type headaches are thought to be a result of stress, worry and tiredness. They can develop at any age and most people have experienced a tension headache at some point in their lives. Other causes that are known to trigger tension headaches include squinting, dehydration, lack of physical activity, noise and poor posture. Tension headaches are referred to as primary headaches as they are not caused by an underlying condition.

How it can be treated

At-home remedies can help ease migraine and tension headaches. These include yoga, massages and exercise. If you find that your headaches are frequent and unpleasant, you might want to consider acupuncture to relieve yourself of some of the pain that they can cause. Anti-wrinkle solutions are also a viable option as they can help relax the tensed muscles that result in this pain and discomfort.

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