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Pigmentation and Sun Damage

What It Is

Pigmentation is another term used to describe colour and, as such, skin pigmentation disorders describe the conditions that affect the colour of your skin. Most of these issues are brought about by something none of us can escape – the natural ageing process, however, this can be delayed by using the right products and taking the necessary precautions.

Exposure to UV radiation can result in sun damage, which is one of the leading causes of premature ageing in our skin as well as the reason for a plethora of other skin conditions and concerns. These include sunburn, skin cancer and pigmentation issues.

Why It Happens

UV damage occurs when harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sunlight penetrate the surface of the skin and break down our collagen and elastin supplies. This results in your skin sagging and wrinkling prematurely. UV damage can also have an effect on the skin cells that produce melanin – the natural pigment responsible for your beautiful skin tone. If melanin production is affected, then pigmentation disorders can occur, resulting in patches of discoloured skin across the body and face, as well as the manifestation of spots, freckles, moles and hyperpigmentation.

How it can be treated

Whether you are suffering from hyperpigmentation, spots, common conditions associated with ageing skin, or even birthmarks, laser pigmentation treatment could be an effective treatment for you. It is a safe and pain-free solution that will have you back on the path to beautiful, clear skin in no time at all!

If you are looking for a less serious treatment, then your dermatologist will be able to recommend certain creams or gels that can be a good alternative to treating patches of discolouration. These products may be more accessible and affordable than laser therapy, however, their effects can take much longer to become apparent and are not as long-lasting as other treatments.

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