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Uneven Skin Tone

What It Is

An uneven skin tone or a pigmentation disorder can affect the colour of your skin. Those who suffer from uneven skin tone will see patches of darker skin form on different parts of their body – these areas are often referred to as ‘aged skin’. Symptoms can vary depending on the individual and the colour of the skin affected can be irregular, with the size and density of these patches also fluctuating from person to person.

Why It Happens

An uneven skin tone can emerge for numerous reasons, however, one of the most common causes of this is sun damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun stimulates the body to produce more melanin, the pigment that dictates the colour of your hair and skin. If this happens repeatedly then sun damage will occur over time.

Hormonal fluctuations – something which are most commonly experienced by pregnant women or people taking contraceptives – can also cause an uneven skin tone. An uneven tone may be a reaction to other beauty products and cosmetics, as well as certain medicines.

How it can be treated

Having an uneven skin tone can be a challenging hurdle to overcome, especially if you have little guidance and are relying on one of the many products available over the counter.

To prevent an uneven skin tone, you should try and protect your skin from the sun as much as you can – this means wearing sun cream! You should also look for a gentle exfoliant you can use on a regular basis and add serums and moisturisers to your daily routine too.

Laser rejuvenation treatment is a great alternative if you want a reliable and safe method of revitalising your skin. Laser rejuvenation treatment works by heating your skin from beneath to accelerate the skin remodeling process. You can also choose to have top-up sessions to help results last for up to two years.

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