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What It Is

In simple terms, a scar is a mark that is left on the skin after a wound or injury has healed. Scars are completely normal and are actually part of the body’s natural healing process. Most scars will fade over time, becoming lighter until they are barely noticeable, however, they will never completely disappear. There are various types of scars, ranging from fine lines or holes on the skin to abnormal growths of tissue.

Why It Happens

Scars are part of the normal process that the body goes through after the tissue in our skin becomes damaged. When this occurs, the tissue breaks and collagen is released. This collagen eventually builds up around the area of damaged skin tissue, helping your body heal and strengthening the skin in the process. The new tissue or scar tissue that appears after a wound has healed will usually have a different texture and appearance in comparison to the surrounding area of unscarred skin.

Scars are usually the result of accidents or surgeries, however certain skin conditions and diseases can also lead to the formation of scars.

How it can be treated

Many people don’t appreciate the physical and psychological impact that scars can have on a person. A scar, especially if it is on your face, can be an anxiety-inducing and stressful experience. For scars that are sunken, dermal fillers can be an effective solution as they can stimulate the production of new collagen in order to create healthy skin from within! Dermaroller procedures can also be used to treat scarring and work by stimulating the production of collagen and healthy skin tissue by running tiny needles across the surface of your skin.

There are also various products available to help you mask the appearance of scars. These range from certain makeup products that are specifically designed to cover scars to silicone gels and sheets.

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