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The Perfect Combination

When you are opting for cosmetic surgery or almost anything in life, professionals would rarely advise that you choose quantity over quality. However, when it comes to maximising the effectiveness of your treatment, combining therapies can help blend quantity with quality and get you the most dramatic and efficient results possible. Combination treatment plans do exactly what they say on the tin: they combine multiple treatments that complement each other to get you the look you’ve always dreamed of. Over recent years, this practice has become increasingly popular, with many industry-leading medical professionals recommending combination therapies to their patients.

Why Combine Treatments?

There are a plethora of factors that contribute to an aesthetic concern or problem. For example, when it comes to ageing skin you could be suffering from wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of volume or numerous other symptoms. When treating these problems, there isn’t one solution that can fix everything, therefore, combining various procedures can be an effective way of achieving the best possible results in one session or sitting. As these treatments are non-invasive, they can usually be paired together without harming the body and without considerably increasing your downtime.

Prior to every procedure, a medical professional will join you for a consultation to gain a better understanding of your goals and determine whether you are suitable for treatment.

Our Most Popular Combinations

Botox and Dermal Fillers

Botox is an injectable that causes the muscles in your face to relax. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced. It is the most popular cosmetic treatment performed in the UK and it can be used to manage a plethora of different conditions.

Dermal Fillers are small injectables that utilise gel to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They work by adding volume to certain areas of the face and smoothing any creases and lines found on this part of the body. Most Dermal Fillers are made up of a natural substance called hyaluronic acid

Although Botox and Dermal Fillers are extremely different types of injectable, when paired together they complement each other exceptionally well. Both Botox and Dermal Fillers treat wrinkles and many other symptoms that are associated with ageing, however, they combat these issues in contrasting ways.

Botox relaxes the face, helping treat the dynamic wrinkles which are caused by repeated facial movements whilst Dermal Fillers alleviate the static wrinkles that are visible even when your face is resting.

By undergoing a treatment plan that makes use of both of these injectables, you can treat multiple areas of the face at the same time. And not only can this prolong the effectiveness of these treatments, but the results our patients have come away with are staggering! As both Botox and Dermal Fillers are non-invasive, there is still very little downtime even when combining the two!

Combining Facial Peels and Medical-Grade Skincare

Facial Peels are used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands. They begin the process of exfoliation and cause the skin to peel, resulting in the reduction of the visible signs of ageing.

Medical-Grade Skincare refers to products that are only available from licensed medical professionals. These products are often much stronger than those that can be acquired over the counter and feature ingredients proven to properly address the emergence of wrinkles and many other common skin complaints such as acne and sun damage.

By combining Facial Peels with Medical-Grade Skincare, dead skin, pigmentation and enlarged pores can be targeted with increased efficiency. These forms of treatment were initially designed to help men and women achieve healthy, glowing skin without having to endure the hassle of invasive techniques. In addition to improving skin health, they can also significantly reduce the impressions of age.

When combined, Facial Peels and Medical-Grade Skincare can cleanse and exfoliate target areas of skin, coming together to produce results that are much more effective due to an ability to reach the skin at a deeper level.

Laser Combination Treatment

Laser Treatment is a procedure that can help remove the outer layers of skin and encourage fresh, blemish-less layers to form in their place. It is an effective way to treat wrinkles, scars and areas of discoloured skin.

There is currently no cure for rosacea, but its symptoms can be controlled. Many people who have rosacea suffer from feelings of low confidence and poor self-esteem which can lead to mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

When treating rosacea, a combination of Laser Treatments and self-help measures can reduce the frequency and severity of its symptoms. For most people, improving the appearance of rosacea consists of trying many different things, including avoiding any known triggers (alcohol, for instance) and using medical-grade creams and gels.

These methods can be combined with Laser Treatment to help manage the symptoms of rosacea. Laser Treatment can heat deep layers of skin and the dermis to help diffuse any prominent redness. It can also be utilised to boost collagen production and help alleviate the signs of wrinkles in the process.

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