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The Treatment

Benign skin lesions such as skin tags, cherry angiomas, verrucas and warts are not harmful or painful. That being said, their presence is often unwelcome, especially when they appear on parts of the body that we don’t usually cover up. While makeup can conceal most blemishes on the face and neck, lesions can protrude from the skin making them much harder to disguise.

The CryoPen® is an innovation in cryotherapy, and uses advanced compression cooling technology to remove benign lesions in seconds. With its applicator pen, the device enables pin-point accuracy, minimising damage to the surrounding tissue. The CryoPen® does not require the handling of dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids and is virtually pain-free, meaning procedures are safe enough for children.

The CryoPen® offers immediate results with little to no downtime. With smaller lesions removed in a matter of seconds, treatment times suit even those with the busiest schedules.

How Does It Work?

A handheld, pen-like instrument delivers a fine jet of high-pressure liquid nitrous oxide to the target area. The therapist is able to work with millimetre precision, meaning the surrounding healthy tissue is not damaged.

The spray of nitrous oxide reaches temperatures as low as -95℃. As the cells treated are rapidly brought down in temperature, they are destroyed. Water rushes to the surrounding area causing a small blister and disrupting the local blood supply.

Am I Suitable For Treatment?

CryoPen® treatments are suitable for both children and adults who are unhappy with their unwanted skin lesions. Due to the device’s precision, all areas of the body can be treated, with the notable exception of lesions close to the eyes.

We ask all clients to undergo a consultation prior to treatment, during which time a practitioner will assess your medical history. Lesions related to cancer can often be confused with ordinary, benign skin lesions. If our practitioner has any concerns, they may suggest that you consult your GP.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

To book an appointment you can call La Fuente on 01926 954331 or use the form on this page to book an appointment.

£10.00 deposit

Cancellation Fees

  • More than 48 hours – Full refund
  • Less 48 hours notice – A loss of 50% of the deposit
  • Less than 24 hours notice – A loss of 100% of the deposit

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Does it hurt?

CryoPen® treatments cause minimal discomfort. As nitrous oxide is delivered, the client may experience a stinging sensation but this quickly subsides.

When will results become visible?

Healing takes between 1-6 weeks depending on the depth and size of the lesion. The area treated may appear dark at first due to dead cells accumulating on the skin. These cells will flake away as the skin regenerates, leaving you lesion-free.

How many treatments are required?

The results of CryoPen® procedures are permanent, however, more than one session may be required to remove the skin lesion completely. We recommend a follow-up session 2-4 weeks after the initial treatment to assess whether further application is required.

Is there any downtime?

Following the procedure, the area treated may appear red and sore. It is common for a small blister to form and, occasionally, a scab. It is vital that these are left alone as interference may lead to scarring.

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