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Excess Body Fat

What It Is

Excess fat is defined as the amount of fat that is left over after combining both your essential and reserve levels of fat. Excess fat is often characterised by the formation of cellulite in stubborn pockets all over the body and can cause numerous cosmetic and medical issues. Excess fat is commonly found around the hips, neck, thighs and upper arms as well as a number of other places on the body.

Regardless of how you look, we all have our own ideas and aspirations when it comes to the perfect body shape. Unfortunately, eating healthily and exercising regularly doesn’t always get you the results you are after. If this applies to you, you might want to consider various non-surgical treatments to combat your unwanted areas of excess fat.

Why It Happens

There are countless different reasons that excess fat can start to build on your body. Its emergence could be attributed to a bad diet or not exercising enough, or it could be the result of your genetics and family history. Certain medicines and health conditions – including Cushing’s syndrome and thyroid problems – can also cause the build-up of fat. Significant weight loss and pregnancy may also be responsible for the development of extra fat on several parts of the body.

How it can be treated

If you have trialled various lifestyle changes, but still can’t seem to burn that surplus fat, then there are a plethora of treatment options available to you – these can either be surgical or non-surgical. Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections are an innovative new treatment that eliminates areas of excess fat without the need for an invasive treatment. Other options can include Liposuction, Abdominoplasty and Radiofrequency. To uncover the best option for you and your body, you should contact a treatment coordinator at La Fuente today.

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