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Unwanted Tattoos

What It Is

Countless people of all shapes, sizes and ages decide to get tattoos every year. Of these, many will come to regret the choice that they have made – whether this is the result of a fun-filled holiday, a birthday, a way to commemorate something or a questionable decision during their youth. Either way, the number of people with unwanted tattoos seems to be increasing in frequency each and every day.

Nobody likes feeling stuck, especially if they have a tattoo that they have fallen out of love with. Having an unwanted tattoo can impact upon your general happiness and also knock your confidence in certain situations. Tattoo removal should be an option for anyone who has an unwanted tattoo which is why La Fuente offers advanced tattoo removal services that can leave your skin looking clear and healthy in no time.

How it can be treated

Tattoo removal is one of the most requested laser treatments among patients at laser clinics across the UK – we believe its popularity has something to do with how effective this form of treatment is at clearing the skin of unwanted ink.

A tattoo isn’t something that is temporary, it stays with you for life – or it used to anyway. In the past, only tattoos of a certain pigment could be successfully removed and these usually contained primarily blue and black colours. However, with the innovative technology that is available today, tattoo removal has become a much more common practice.

Laser tattoo removal works by heating the ink particles beneath your skin so that they break down and can naturally be removed by your body. The process is no more painful than anything you will have encountered when you first had your tattoo and there is little to no post-treatment downtime – this means you can continue your day right where you left off.

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