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Moles and Skin Lesions

What It Is

Skin lesions are an extremely common concern that can appear in many different forms, the most well known of these are moles and cysts. Moles are small, coloured spots that frequently appear on adults. Moles, much like the majority of skin concerns, are usually harmless, though some might be painful and prone to change over time – it is these moles that need to be monitored more closely as they could be signs of a more serious underlying skin condition. If you have a mole or skin lesion that has changed in colour, size, shape or texture then you should get it examined as soon as possible.

Why It Happens

Moles occur when our skin cells grow in a cluster instead of their usual spread. You can be born with them, develop them gradually and also lose them over time. There are various types of moles and they can all present differently depending on the individual. It is also common for moles to darken after exposure to the sun, especially if you are pregnant or in your teenage years. Similarly to moles, most skin lesions appear at birth, however, they can also form naturally throughout your life and most of them will be completely trouble-free.

How it can be treated

Cryotherapy is recommended for dealing with unwanted skin lesions – it is an advanced, innovative treatment that utilises the extreme cold to painlessly and safely remove any unwanted lesions on the surface of your skin. This can include moles, cysts, warts, verrucas and even some scars.

If you do not want to undergo cryotherapy then there are some alternative avenues you can explore. Laser therapy is another common way to treat skin lesions, and in some cases, you might even see results from the regular application of medically recommended creams and gels.

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