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Open Pores

What It Is

Open pores are pesky, small, dimple-like pits that you might find if you look closely at your cheeks and face. They are usually spoken about in a negative light as they can contribute to a more aged look via the release of oil and sweat. However, open pores are also connected to your hair follicles, which when functioning properly, can naturally lubricate your skin to keep it moisturised and healthy!

Why It Happens

Despite popular belief, all of your pores in your skin are always open – most of the time this is how your skin stays looking so great. However, when pores become visible, or large, they start to be referred to as ‘open pores’ – these pores cannot be closed but you can undergo certain measures to help make them less visible.

Simply put, open pores are oil glands within the skin that have expanded and opened – this happens as natural oils secrete from your skin from an early age. If left unmanaged, these pores can worsen every year until the skin eventually becomes more relaxed. Your pores can be especially bad if you suffer from excessive sebum, which means that your oil glands produce more oil than usual. As you age, your skin will naturally lose some of its elasticity which can also result in larger-looking pores.

How it can be treated

It is more than likely that you have tried one of the many over-the-counter products that claim to offer effective results. Unfortunately, this is often not the case and it can be extremely challenging to find a product that works for your skin whilst also being good value for money. If you visit a dermatologist or skincare professional, these people will be able examine your skin and give you a bespoke treatment or product recommendation – usually, this will be a moisturiser or chemical peel. No skin is ever the same, so no treatment should be either!

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