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Dry Skin

What It Is

Dry skin is a loose term for an extremely common condition that often results in cracked and itchy skin – this can also sometimes be accompanied by spells of redness. You might suffer from naturally dry skin and this can usually be remedied by following the right skincare plan and through the use of rejuvenating products. However, if you experience consistent spells of dry skin this could signal an underlying problem. Dry skin isn’t exclusive to your face and can surface on every part of your body.

Why It Happens

Dry skin affects everyone differently – some people encounter it intermittently and some as a major part of life. You are more likely to suffer from dry skin if you are in your 40s or older, live in a cold and dry climate or have a job that requires you to interact with, or immerse your skin in, water!

Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can also be the catalyst for dry skin. Even if you don’t suffer from these conditions, there are numerous other factors that can take their toll on your skin – this can include your age, the amount of time spent in the sun, the climate you live in and the products you use on a regular basis.

How it can be treated

When it comes to dry skin you’d be amazed at the results you can achieve when guided in the right direction! If you are suffering from dry skin then we would recommend undergoing a comprehensive treatment plan at La Fuente. From moisturisers and creams to prescription-only products from brands such as ZO Skin Health, we know that one treatment or product will not work the same for everyone. Your skin is unique, so we think your treatment should be too!

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