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Skin Congestion

What It Is

Throughout your life, it is extremely likely that you’ll suffer from congested skin at one point or another. Skin congestion refers to skin that is rough in texture and often has lots of visible open pores. Your skin can become congested as a result of your lifestyle choices, the environment you live in or even the products that you use as part of your daily routine. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to combat skin congestion and you can have your skin looking hydrated and healthy in no time!

If you are unsure whether you are suffering from congested skin, you can tell by running your hand across your face. If the texture of your skin feels uneven or bumpy then there is a good chance that it has become congested.

Why It Happens

Skin congestion describes the build-up of dead skin, sweat and sebum in your pores. As all of these things come together, it can become difficult for them to escape the pores of your skin – if they do become trapped, then blackheads can begin to form and you may start to display an uneven skin texture or dull-looking skin! Congested skin is not the result of one thing, instead, it usually occurs when multiple things happen at once.

How it can be treated

You may have tried to tackle skin congestion before, and if you have, then you probably understand that it feels like a never-ending process. The products that work for your friends and family might not work for you. Before you even approach products, you should ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle, follow a well-balanced diet and are exercising regularly. Once these boxes have been ticked, you should look into creating a strict cleansing routine – this should include regular exfoliation, removing makeup with oil-based cleansers and using a soap-free purifying cleanser. Et voila – a return to happier, healthier skin!

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