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The eyebrow trend has really taken off over the past few years, with famous celebrities such as Cara Delevigne influencing the way the majority of people want their brows to look.

Traditionally, many people favoured skinny brows and often plucked these to within an inch of their lives, however, the opposite look is now in fashion, with a new focus on getting the most feathered and voluminous eyebrows possible. Trends will always come and go, so when you are picking a treatment it is crucial that you choose one that will truly embody who you are and how you want to look. Brows have the unique ability to shape your face, make your eyes stand out or completely transform an outfit, so it is important you make the right decision.

At La Fuente, we offer a wide range of treatments that can leave your brows looking natural and incredibly well defined. So, whether you want to wax your brows, reshape them or have them tattooed onto your face on a semi-permanent basis, we have the know-how to provide the safest treatments and help you to achieve the most realistic-looking results possible

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